State of the Union addresses
are often paved with green intentions

By Peter Dykstra, Publisher
Daily Climate and Environmental Health News

An aura of excitement and predictability surrounds the president’s annual State of the Union speech: A few days of hyped drama and TV punditry builds to a political Woodstock featuring generals, justices, senators, cabinet secretaries and Congress, all under one roof. Up in the balcony, the First Lady plays host to a few iconic, symbolic taxpayers who recently shared a heroic moment of fame with America.

If the past is prologue, the green talk and pageantry may be the only things delivered on the president’s lofty words this year on Feb. 12.

Environmentalists are on higher-alert than normal this year, after President Obama made a sweeping inaugural promise to tackle climate change, an issue he’d largely avoided during his first term…. More

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