The Progressive Movement was a high-water mark for environmental and public health reformers. 

The movement starts with the end of the American frontier and questions about increasing impacts of urbanization.

Reform  was the common concern – reform of working conditions, slum housing, food adulteration, sanitation, drinking water, polluting industries, hunting laws and mining practices.  

President Teddy Roosevelt and Sierra Club founder John Muir represent the two major approaches to environmentalism in this period.   Roosevelt advocates a “wise use” of natural resources and an approach that takes the future into account while accommodating some present needs.  Muir opposes the “wise use” idea and fights for outright preservation of unspoiled wilderness.

The women’s movement includes reformers like Ellen Swallow Richards, Jane Addams, Florence Kelly and Alice Hamilton are examples of the emerging influence of women in national debates.  Taking their places in the national political debate, women adopt environmental issues under the label of “municipal housekeeping.”   Womens clubs and settlement houses spur on reform and demonstrate the contributions women can make to politics. Not coincidentally, votes for women are finally achieved as the Progressive movement ends.


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